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jean shorts and secondhand clothing

Denim shorts are definately part of my daily uniform/wardrobe staples list, and these are my current favorite. I don't necessarily believe in 1 perfect item for each gap in my wardrobe- I'll never have a perfectly minimal wardrobe, but I don't think that's something that I want, anyway. I roll all my thrifted shorts shorter; it keeps them from being too "literal 90s".

I'm always curious about the history of secondhand clothing and Google the tags or look on Etsy for information. I'm not even sure what kind of story I'm hoping to find- I just like to sit and wonder about the past and about what life was life back then or something? The tag on these shorts say "The Beverly Hills Denim Company", and I'm sitting here thinking of Baywatch for whatever reason. They look like  Rihanna's outfit in the We Found Love music video. I was obsessed with the song and the video when it came out and then looped it like 30 times before I got sick of it right quick ahahaha.

These shorts fit just a tiiiiny big large, and so they kind of sag and don't fit well enough for the full high waisted effect, but oh well, guess that comes with the secondhand clothing territory.

What are your favorite/least favorite things about secondhand clothes?

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blogging and style

I thought creating a blog would hold me somewhat accountable and encourage me to "dress up" more- at the very least, encourage me to wear more of the things in my closet. What actually happened was that in cold weather season, I justified that it "didn't matter" what I wore because I had a coat on over everything, and with summer weather approaching, my weather adjusted approach is just that- wearing whatever is comfortable with importance placed on the afternoon high temperature. I think I got over my super fashionista phase in college, and became somewhat bored with clothing, covered by a guise of "I dress like this now, must be because I'm lazy". If style isn't a conscious consideration when I get dressed in the morning, is it acceptable to consider this "style" at all? And under what circumstances can flip flops not be the end of the fashion credibility world?

On the internet, there are so many ways to publicly display your like/dislike for clothes and style and anything, but I suspect that I'm not the only one who's IRL outfits and activities don't reflect what I supposedly "like". I mean, where's my rustic modern living room and super organized work station....?

This wasn't originally taken as an outfit picture, because it's not really fashionable (whatever that means). But it's what I wore, and it is what it is! It was a "I blend into the wall" picture, and I'm wearing my Banana Republic cardigan in a beige color that I seem to wear pretty often. I guess the first step to figuring myself out is to add "beige-colored tops" to my conscious awareness of what makes up my "daily uniform".

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