the urge to buy stuff

if I take a picture of this skirt then it's basically like I already own it, right??

Recently, I've been itching to shop to just "buy something". The first thing I did on Memorial Day was click through sales looking for something to buy. While shopping with my sister last week, I mindlessly grabbed things for the dressing room, hoping that I'd realize how pointless it is to buy things I don't actually want. But every time I put on something that looked half-decent, I wanted to buy it just to have something new. I mean...my closet is a mess and I don't even wear half the things I have. 

In the end, I stopped myself from buying clothes... but I wanted something new so bad I bought sunglasses. Which is super dumb because I don't even have contact lenses right now...

Do you ever get the urge to shop when you know you already have too much stuff? How do you deal with it?

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