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I don't usually like Rihanna but I LOVED this. Great tune, loved the intensity of the whole video, and I thought it was great that the guy is a model who used to be a boxer, and look so perfect and otherworldly. The male counterpart to wide set alien eyed models??

My favorite part was what everyone was wearing as they were hanging out at all these places my suburban upbringing never knew. Its a lifestyle modeled off of British skinheads, which I don't know much about...what I'm into is the rawness of the video's portrayl, and how the physical appearance of the characters look as if they are secondary because they are too busy experiencing live and intense feelings.
Rihanna starts the video with wet hair and mascara running down her face, and all of the outfits in the video (not just hers) are made up of so few "pieces". Just simple, easy, seemingly mindless dressing- grab whatever and put it on to get on with more important things. I like how these outfits would still look the same if they had be slept in all night. I'm drawn to this easy, dishelved anti-fashion look

Screencaps and sources of what she wore in the video.

Jeremy Scott SS12
via IamRihannafashionobsessed
So the vibe I'm getting is made up of......no makeup, messy hair, drugs, creepers, light denim, rainbow cigarettes and an infectious beat? Its so easy to like things but so difficult to analyze why. Sometimes I suspect my idealization of this style of clothing (what is it even called? grunge?) is intensified by its connection with the raw lifestyle that is deeply fascinating but completely foreign to me.

I'm drawn towards these grungy, minimalist, lazy, industrial kinds of styles but sometimes it just looks like a hot mess.

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